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Easy to setup and manage

Ticibox is incredibly easy to setup and manage. You can access the
management console via any web browser. All you need to get
started is your company’s basic information and a user account.
You can then add as many products or channels as you like and
invite other users to join your company.
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Start selling immediately

You can upload a product and
start selling in minutes through
our website, your website, mobile
apps, at your store or via any
participating retailer.

Our Clients:

    • Arcade Empire
    • Hirsch's
    • South African Post Office

Find out how Ticibox can sell more tickets

It’s a tough market out there. Ticibox makes it easy for you to sell more tickets, to stand out from the competition and make more informed business decisions.

Why customers are choosing Ticibox

Wide Area Sales

We're all about convenience.
With hundreds of points
of presence in South
Africa, Ticibox allows
you to buy tickets
anytime, anywhere

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Cloud Based

Manage your inventory, sites and
customers from the web. Our system is
online, real-time and always available. Our
serving infrastructure is built to handle
heavy loads and significant spikes in

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Payment Options

Ticibox works closely
with leading payment providers
like VeriFone Africa.
Customers can pay by:
cash, EFT, credit card, debit card
and a variety of mobile instruments.

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Powerful Add-ons

Ticibox provides mobile access
control and redemption tools,
concession store POS devices,
cashless payment options,
customizable apps,
websites and more.

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Customer Care

We give our customers the support they need.

We can be reached by mail or via our call centre.

No question is too big or too small for us to help out.

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