About Ticibox

Ticibox is a new player in the South African ticketing market. Ticibox offers voucher sales for all types of value added services. Vouchers can conveniently be purchased at the Point of Sale at your local store or convenience shop. We dream about a world in which customers can access products in a way that is most convenient for them. Ticibox is a VeriFone product, powered by Vane Systems.

About VeriFone

VeriFone's devices and point of sale (POS) systems process every kind of payment type, comply with the latest POS global security standards, and take advantage of every connectivity option. They offer payment technology expertise, solutions and services that add value to the point of sale with merchant-operated, consumer-facing and self-service POS payment systems. Key industries in which they operate point-of-sale systems include retail, petroleum, restaurant, hotel, taxi, transit and healthcare. Their payment solutions are designed to meet the needs of merchants, processors, banks and acquirers in both developed and emerging economies worldwide. Core focus and growth areas for the company include mobile commerce, security, services and emerging global markets.

About Vane Systems

Vane Systems strives to connect voucher suppliers with merchants at no cost to either party and in doing this, provide consumers with the most convenient access to voucher based products imaginable. Vane Systems is a Value Added Services (VAS) company. We sell vouchers to consumers through various channels, including retail, online and mobile. The vouchers we sell in provide customers with access to a variety of products and services, including event tickets, accommodation, airline tickets, bus tickets and pre-paid commodities like airtime and electricity. By combining a systems approach with various agile methodologies, we ensure that we can respond rapidly to any environmental changes, while strictly controlling quality and always keeping customer satisfaction in mind.