How Ticibox works for Product Owners

Event promoters, bus operators, activity organizers...

Start selling and manage your inventory in 5 easy steps


Reaching customers is about making it convenient for them to buy from you. Equally important is ensuing that customers are offered a variety of payment instruments.
We can sell your tickets via:

The Web

Browse to or
get your own web page.
Payment options: Credit card, EFT

In-store at various retailers

Use our Self-help Terminals
or get Cashier Assistance.
Payment options: Credit card, Debit Card, Cash

Mobile Apps

Using our official Ticibox App
or get your own Customized Fan App.
Payment options: Credit card, EFT

Call Centre

Our friendly call centre agents
provide a professional sales service.
Payment options: Credit card, EFT

Mobile Vendors

Customers can buy tickets on-the-go
with our Business in a Box.
Payment options: Credit card, Debit Card, Cash


Manage products

Add, remove or edit products via the web. Manage a variety of ticket product types including event tickets, bus tickets and other electronic vouchers. A flexible range of pricing, discount and promotional tools are on offer to help you drive sales.

Manage inventory

Powerful inventory management tools that simplify the ticket lifecycle management are on hand. Add, edit and assign inventory in real-time and on the go.

Track sales and gather business intelligence

Get accurate and timely sales and product data. All Ticibox reports provide a real-time view of performance. Flexible reporting tools allow you to compare sales over time, across channels and much more – providing critical insights and information.

Speak to you customers

Keep your customers in the loop with Ticibox’s CRM tools. Lookup and manage customer accounts, create mailing and notification lists and edit customer purchases to meet their needs.

Add-on Solutions


Sell your inventory yourself. Use our point of sale application for high-volume voucher sales at a retail location or your own box office. Pair it with an mPOS e105 from VeriFone to accept cards and cash.
Find out more about TiciPOS

TiciBox Access Control

Accept tickets or vouchers using our mobile app - scan paper or electronic tickets for instant verification.
The app is available on:
Google Play and Apple App Store.


Sell more tickets

Ticibox creates convenience.

Give your customers what they love

Buying tickets is part of the experience, make it easy.

Get paid quickly

Ticibox settles customer purchases regularly and reliably.

Reach more customers

Start a conversation with CRM tools and integrated social networking.

Understand your business...

and then track its growth. View and even build powerful reports.

We’re here to support you

We’re just a phone call, email, tweet or Facebook message away.